Hello! My name is Zach Bamberger, and I am a graduate student at the Technion’s Taub Faculty for Computer Science. I am broadly interested in interpretability and robustness of Natural Language Processing (NLP) systems, and often find myself applying my work to the areas of persuasive argumentation and summarization.

Before joining the Technion, I was a software engineer at Google (July 2019 – October 2021). While at Google, I worked on the Google Brain, Federated Assistant, and Google Cloud teams. Most notably, I developed offline reinforcement learning libraries for Google Brain, and a transformer language model that is 10x smaller than BERT-Small for Google’s federated learning effort in Federated Assistant.  I first became interested in Machine Learning and NLP during my BSc  in Computer Science at Cornell University, where I had the privilege of engaging in NLP research under the supervision of professor Claire Cardie.

I am reachable via

For in-person scheduled appointments, please find me in room 412 of Taub.